About Beau

Beau HendersonHi, my name’s Beau. I’m a financial planner, but I didn’t always want to help people manage their money. In fact, I didn’t consider it until my dad died.

If we had known there was something wrong, we probably would have done things differently, but my dad was 49 and in great health. After he passed, my mom and I were left unprepared, with a mortgage, a small business to run, and no idea what to do.

While I helped my mom clean up the financial mess following the tragedy, I realized I loved helping people solve their financial problems. I had found my life purpose.

I Discovered a New Money Mission

Fast forward a few years later, I got a job managing a hospital’s retirement program, helping the 3,000 person staff prepare for the future. It was a crash course in financial planning, and I loved it.

However, the longer I worked there, the more I became skeptical of the way we manage our finances in America. I watched people do all the right things, save what they were supposed to, invest the right way, and then get wiped out by an unexpected illness in the family, a work-related disability, or a downturn in the market just before they were going to retire.

Wasn’t there a better way to protect our futures?

I made it my mission to discover a new way, a new money mission.

A Foundation to Protect Your Future

The New Money Mission, which will be released soon, is the result of that discovery mission. I’ve labored over this book because I believe more people should be better prepared than my family was when my dad passed away.

This mission is not about what’s popular. Nor am I interested in what’s easy to sell. This mission is about what actually works in day-to-day life.

I would like to make it my mission to create a firm financial foundation for your future. Are you willing to join me?

Get Started Today

Are you ready to get started creating more wealth? While protecting yourself from all the thieves in life who would try to take it away? Are you ready to finally find peace of mind so you can focus on building your Rich Life? It starts by taking a hard look at everything you thought you knew about managing your money and asking if there might just be a better way.

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